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Tufts Bhangra at Pao Bhangra XII

Tufts Bhangra recently went to Pao Bhangra XII, Cornell University’s 12th annual Bhangra Exhibition. Pao Bhangra features renowned teams to share their love and passion for Bhangra.

At Pao Bhangra this year were Tufts Bhangra, Anakh E Gabroo, First Class Bhangra and Yale Jashan Bhangra. Pao Bhangra is the largest student-run show at Cornell as well as the largest Bhangra exhibition in all of North America – last year’s show had an audience of more than 2,600 people. The theme of this year’s event was The Bhangra Olympics.

The Tufts University Bhangra Team was founded in 2001. The group is comprised of energetic and talented student dancers who are dedicated to bringing the best of Bhangra to audiences at Tufts and elsewhere.

Watch the video below to see Tufts Bhangra’s great performance at the 2013 Pao Bhangra:

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