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Jumbo Jugglers Performance Night

The Tufts Jumbo Jugglers recently held a performance as a chance for the Tufts community to come see the amazing skills that these Jumbos refine every week. The group practices a variety of styles and techniques, including balls, contact staff, clubs, rings and devil sticks.

Their performance included guest acts by Vassar College’s Barefoot Monkeys, an acrobatic duo, and Cirque de Light, a local performing duo.

Watch the videos below for a taste of what Tufts’ juggler’s can do and click here for more videos:


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Tufts Tap Ensemble: “Trashin’ the Camp”

Earlier this month the Tufts Tap Ensemble was a featured guest at Harvard’s Pan African Dance and Music Ensemble (PADAME) show. The dance troupe performs on campus several times each semester, and offers student-run workshops for anyone who wishes to learn more about tap dancing.

Check out this video of the group’s performance from PADAME – it’s a fun dance number performed to  “Trashin’ the Camp,” from the soundtrack to the animated film Tarzan.

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Japanese Culture Club: “Discover Japan Through Music”

On November 1, the Tufts Japanese Culture Club hosted an event entitled “Discover Japan Through Music.” The Club invited noted Japanese musicians to share their musical talents with the Tufts community. The performance featured traditional Japanese music, as well as “J Pop” (Japanese Pop), and the performers impressed the audience by their use of unique instruments, including the shakuhachi (a Japanese bamboo flute) and the koto (a Japanese string instrument).

In the Made in Medford video, Japanese Culture Club co-president May Igawa, A13, introduces the performance and gives some background on the featured performers. Check out the video here.

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Parents Weekend Performances

This past weekend, Jumbos invited their parents back to the Hill for a look at things they might have missed in previous visits. Tours, lectures, and performances showcased all the great things students are involved with everyday. Check out videos from some of the performances that highlighted the weekend.

Tufts B.E.A.T.s

S-Factor performing “Angel”

Essence performing “I Feel Like Going On”

Beelzebubs performing “Sweet Caroline”

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