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Tufts Quidditch Fundraises for Nationals

Tufts Quidditch is fundraising in order to get to nationals. This year their traveling team placed fourth in the Northeast regionals in order to secure a point in the national championship. Tufts Quidditch took second place at the 2010 Quidditch World Cup and after a few difficult years are making a comeback!

They made a fundraising page on the site and have raised about half of their goal so far. In addition, they have been selling shirts in the campus center as another way to raise funds. The shirts, as you can see below, highlight the differences and similarities between  Hogwarts and Tufts.


Good luck to the Tufts Qudditch team in raising enough  funds to attend the national championship in Orlando, Florida! Bring back a trophy!

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Quidditch is Back

The Tufflepuffs are gearing up to improve on their second place finish in last year’s International Quidditch World Cup. Check out their promo video for 2011:

Read more about their championship run last November.

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Go Tufflepuffs!

Tufts’ quidditch team, the Tufflepuffs, finished second in the International Quidditch World Cup this weekend in New York City.

The team lost 100-50 to Middlebury — one of the first collegiate quidditch squads — in the finals (though the Tufflepuffs did catch the snitch).

On the way to the finals, Tufts faced Ryerson University, America’s Finest QC, University of Rochester, University of Vermont, Chestnut Hill College, Emerson and Pitt. Forty-six teams total competed in the weekend-long tournament.

EDIT: Watch video of their first-round win vs. Ryerson:

Here is the beginning of the final versus Middlebury:

The final gained media attention from TIME magazine and Wired, and USA Today interviewed the co-founder of the Tufts Quidditch team, senior Molly Newman. You can also see some great photos from the final via Metromix and

Follow the Tufts team via Twitter, and view some past coverage of the team on Jumble.


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Tufts in the Quidditch World Cup

The 4th annual Quidditch World Cup will take place on November 13 and 14, 2010 in New York City’s DeWitt Clinton Park. The World Cup is an international event including 46 teams — including Tufts — from the United States and Canada.

Quidditch is an actively growing intramural sport that has spread to Tufts University through the Harry Potter Society in 2009.

Here’s a first person look at Quidditch through the eyes of a seeker.

Seeker Cam – Tufts Quidditch vs. Brandeis from Arlin Ladue on Vimeo.

Follow the Tufts team via Twitter or their Facebook group. You can also view some past coverage of the team on Jumble.

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Accio* “Harry Potter” Culture Documentary!

Film maker Arlin Ladue (E ’11), most notable for his recent documentary about the 2010 Men’s Lacrosse NCAA Championship, is working with fellow cinephiles Ian MacLellan (A’12), Luke Boelitz (A’12), and Allison Fisk (A’12) to create a documentary about the rise of “Harry Potter” culture that goes beyond the books themselves and into music, games, and a constant cos-play that many people in the country and at Tufts are enjoying.

Entitled “It’s Real For Us,” the film will be comprised of interviews with those involved in the Tufts Harry Potter Society, the Tufts Quidditch Team, and musicians who have pioneered the genre of “Wizard Rock.” For the first preview for the film, creator, co-founder, and executive director of the nation-wide Harry Potter Alliance Andrew Slack shared his feelings on the series, the character, and why most of us are enthralled by it all.

More content, including photos of the recent home Quidditch match between Tufts and BU, can be seen at the film’s official website. You can also follow updates on Twitter and Facebook.

* In the world of Harry Potter, “accio” is a summoning spell.

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