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So You Think You Want to Dance?

With the fall semester almost upon us, Jumbos on and off the hill are preparing to jump back into demanding classes, lively social lives, and of course, their extra curricular activities. For those looking for a change or for members of the class of 2016 with the urge to dance, check out Tufts dance groups’ open classes. Open classes teach you the specific dance group’s signature moves without the stress of an audition or the commitment of joining one of these teams. To get a sneak peak into an SOC open class, check out this video of Ellie Caple’s, A13, choreography to Eyes by Kaskade Featuring Mindy Gledhill:

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Dance Like a Pro, for Free!

A little known secret on the hill is that the some of the best dance groups host dance classes for the Tufts community. These “open dances” are choreographed and taught by student dancers in different dance groups and generally encompass the style of the group. Some dance groups like SOC even feature their open dance in their end of the semester show! If dancing with the stars wasn’t enough motivation to check out these classes, watch the final outcome of learning a dance from a Sarabande choreographer:

Sarabande Open Class (11/13) – “Velvet Elvis” from Cindy on Vimeo.

Video by Cindy Ko, A12, choreography by Toka Beech, A12.

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