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Put Me in Coach

Tufts student Nick Woolf, A14, writes about sports, social media, marketing and their intersection in his blog Put Me In Coach.

Begun four years ago, “Put Me In Coach” is a place where Woolf shares his published articles from the Tufts Daily and his high school newspaper, as well as assignments from some of his Tufts classes. Other posts include Woolf’s opinions about various apps, sports culture in the US, media at Tufts and much more.

Recently, he wrote an entry entitled “The Boston ‘White’ Sox, Tiger Woods & Representing Race in American Sports.” Read the intro to his post below, and check out the full post here.

After reading Sharon O’Brien’s piece on the ethnic and racial history of the Boston Red Sox, I was shocked to discover that my hometown squad was the last team in Major League Baseball history to integrate. Growing up in a suburb just outside of Boston, I became a Red Sox fan at a very early age. The first professional sporting event I ever attended was a game at Fenway Park. As I grew older, I began to follow the team religiously, closely studying the makeup of the roster each year and slowly learning more and more about the franchise’s heartbreaking reputation as the team that, in my father’s words, could be counted on to “always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

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Founded by Steve Clay, A90, JumboCast is a student sports webcasting organization that streams videos of student sports games with live commentary. Tufts Daily recently featured a video on JumboCast, to offer an inside look into “one of Tufts lesser known clubs” on campus.

To learn more about JumboCast, what they do and who they are, check out the video below and visit their website.

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Tony Massarotti Receives Tufts Athletics Distinguished Achievement Award

This homecoming, Tony Massarotti, A89, received the Tufts Athletics Distinguished Achievement Award, an award that recognizes “extraordinary contributions to sports by individuals with Tufts and/or New England identities.” He is the 29th recipient and one of many Jumbos awarded in recent years.

A double major in English and classics, Massarotti began his career covering sports for the Tufts Daily during his freshman year. After gradation, he landed a spot writing for the writing for the Boston Herald and later moved to the Boston Globe and Today, he is a co-host of the Felger and Massarotti afternoon drive talk show from 2–6 pm on 98.5 The Sports Hub (CBS). Tony has won the Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year award twice, and is the author of four books. His most recent work, Knuckler: My Life with Baseball’s Most Confounding Pitch, is a memoir of Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield.

For the celebration of his Distinguished Achievement Award, take a look back at Massarotti’s rise to the top:

For more information on Massarotti, check out Tufts Athletics’ information on the celebration.

Produced for Tufts by Steven J. Eliopoulos, A89, Gravity, Inc Film Video & Digital Media –

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Steve Wilson on SI’s Twitter 100

Steve Wilson, A79, a European sports editor for the Associated Press has been named to Sports Illustrated magazine‘s “Twitter 100”. The list, voted on by 50 Sports Illustrated staffers, is a compilation of the 100 most essential twitter feeds for news, information and entertainment in the sports world. According to the list:

The writer will be a must-read when the 2012 London Olympics come around.

Check out the entire list here and read up on Steve Wilson’s twitter right here


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E-Men Ultimate Frisbee Preview

SkyD magazine, which covers ultimate frisbee, published a preview of the upcoming 2011 season for Tufts’ Elephant Men (E-Men) team, interviewing co-captain and junior Alex Cooper.

Our team’s goals are based on playing our hardest and improving to be the best TEAM that we can be.

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