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Cummings School and Spay Worcester

Spay Worcester and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University recently teamed up to spay and neuter local stray cats. They created a “super clinic” with the goal of sterilizing 100 cats in one day.

Spay Worcester was formed in 2010 when local residents grew concerned at the number of stray cats in the area. Today the organization works to “reduce the population of free-roaming cats in the city of Worcester through spay neuter and public education.” During the super clinic, fourth-year veterinary students from the Cummings School performed the surgeries under the supervision of faculty veterinarians.

Not only did they reach their goal, they beat it: 102 cats were spayed or neutered at the super clinic. Check out this video for an inside look at the program:

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