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Engineers Without Borders, Around the World

This past winter break, teams from Tufts’ Engineers Without Borders chapter headed to work on projects around the world. Check out their blogs from Uganda and El Salvador.

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Engineers Without Borders in Uganda Complete 2nd Part of Clean Water Access Project

In 2010, Tufts Engineers Without Borders went to Uganda and worked with the Foundation for Development of Needy Communities to bring clean water to the Shilongo Village. They analyzed the soil profile, measured flow rates of the streams, took water samples and tested them, conducted health surveys, and assessed the available local materials in the area. After meeting with community leaders, they decided to build a contraption to store clean water, a necessity for the village. A year later, EWB went back to the Shilongo Village and built a water tank for the community. Here’s a video of what they accomplished:

For a written narration of their adventures, check out their travel blog. To get involved with Tufts EWB, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tufts Engineers In Shilongo

The Tufts chapter of Engineers Without Borders (a national organization) is dedicated to working on sustainable engineering projects in developing countries. Members of the Tufts Engineers Without Borders program are currently on a three-week implementation trip in the Shilongo village of Mbale, Uganda. The students have been updating a blog and a twitter account since they arrived on Aug. 3.

Their most recent post describes some of the planning they have been doing with members of the community:

The design of the tank and pump were explained to the community. The travel team was very impressed with the community’s questions, as they were very concerned about theft, stagnant water, and availability of spare parts. Richard, Miria, and Carol were all there to help translate for us, and they made sure that the community knew we wanted their input on everything. We decided to start excavating and laying the bricks on Monday so that Vincent could get the community ready.

Read the whole post and the rest of the blog and follow them on Twitter.


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Meg in Uganda

Meg Kearns (A’10) is blogging about her two-year stint in Uganda “working on a randomized controlled trial for development economists.”

A November photo post entitled “Saturday in the Bunyoro Kingdom” featured pictures from a wedding, a parade and a beauty pageant.

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