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Music Junkies Rejoice!

Tufts’s own freeform radio station’s blog is back for the semester! The folks who brought us The Awkward Freshman Playlist are continuing their tradition of enthusiasm, musical expertise, personality, and sass covering everything from music video picks to album reviews and breaking music news. Recently, WMFO staffer Maxine Builder, A13, chose “We Don’t Need Nothin'” by All Out as her Music Video Pick. All Out is a band founded by Tufts alum Matt McCormick, A10, known as the “unofficial face of the Beelzebubs” after their stint on NBC’s The Sing Off. In her post, Maxine gives the band an unorthodox Jumbo love shout-out,

… quite shockingly, All Out is actually somewhat popular with the broader, non-Tufts community. They’ve even been signed to a label, and their songs can be found on iTunes. […] A lot of the elements [in the video] just scream “cheesy” like McCormick’s fake hipster glasses and the text that pops up on screen in case you wanted to sing along or forgot the name of the band. It’s not exactly an intellectually challenging three and a half minutes, but it’s made by a Tufts alum. So show him and the video some love, after the break.

For more musical insights and spunk, check out WMFO on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Awkward Freshman Playlist

On the WMFO blog, freshman Ellen Mayer has been posting a series of “Awkward Freshman Playlists,” sharing “her experiences at Tufts and the music that goes along with it.” Check them out:


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