Project Update – 11/07/2020

I had a meeting with Dr. Qiaobing, an expert in the field of nanoparticle drug delivery over the week on Wednesday, and it was extremely useful! We ended up not talking for as long as I expected, but he asked a lot of questions that made me think about the feasibility of our project and exactly what we need to consider during our research. Feasibility is not just one of the biggest problems when considering a project of this scale – rather, Dr. Qiaobing pointed me to looking toward the niche my treatment would fulfill.

More specifically, he asked me to think long and hard why such an edible treatment would be necessary – what types of benefits would it bring compared to current treatments in the market. And, additionally, would such a treatment accomplish enough/occupy enough of a niche to be able to justify its development and manufacturing costs?

Furthermore, Dr. Qiaobing directed me to different technical nanoparticle synthesis types:

Nanoparticle Synthesis — 

  • Different people use different approaches, lipid-based, polymer-based, inorganic particles. 
  • Lipid-based
  • Synthesize lipid, throw into aqueous solution — makes nanoparticle
  • Polymer-based
  • Depending on properties, you can do something similar to lipid-based
  • Inorganic-based
  • AuNPs, similar, etc.

along with a bunch of new research avenues to look at! I’m starting to look at papers this weekend, and we hope to have a sizable knowledge base by next weekend to begin presentation/video scripting.

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