Nathan Kim presenting at the 2022 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) Annual Meeting

  • Corlin L, Cudhea F, Salas LA, Koestler D, Liang L, Suh H, Michaud D. Sex-specific associations between differentially methylated regions, air pollution exposures, and cardiometabolic health status. 2022.
  • Corlin L, Cudhea F, Kiles F, Suh H, Michaud D. Methylation patterns associated with sex-specific cardiometabolic health trajectories. 2021.

American Public Health Association

  • Schreiner AB, Jafry ZS, Gomez M, Corlin L. An ecological study of the association between ultraviolet B exposure and COVID-19 cases. 2022.
  • Kim N, Anneser E, Stopka TJ, Levine P, Corlin L. Household conditions, COVID-19, and equity: Insight from two nationally-representative surveys. 2022.

International Society of Environmental Epidemiology

  • Corlin L, Eum K, Honda TJ, Suh H. Air pollution, proteomics, metabolomics, and cardiometabolic health in the Framingham Heart Study. Oral presentation, 2022. SESSION 36: Using metabolomics to understand mechanisms of environmental exposures. Wednesday, September 21, 2022. 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM. MC2 Hall.
  • Debertin JG, Holzhausen E, Walker DI, James KA, Alderete T, Corlin L. Associations between metals and metabolomic profiles related to diabetes among adults in a rural region. Poster presentation, 2022.
  • Corlin L, Ruan R, Xanthakis V, Nath N, Suh H, Vasan RS. Long-term air pollution exposure and sex-specific cardiometabolic health trajectories: the Framingham Offspring Study. 2021.
  • Corlin L, Ruan R, Kiles F, Suh H, Michaud D. Methylation markers associated with air pollution exposure and cardiometabolic health in the Framingham Offspring Study. 2021.
  • Corlin L, Willis M, Kogevinas M, Nachman K, Khreis H on behalf of the ISEE Communications Committee, Student and New Researcher Network, and Capacity Building and Education Committee. We want to hear from you: Why and how to write an environmental epidemiology commentary. 2021.
  • Anneser E, Riseberg E, Corlin L, Stringer C. Associations between SARS-CoV-2 concentration in wastewater and sludge and measures of COVID-19 cases in three communities. 2021.
  • Anneser E, Stopka TJ, Naumova EN, Spangler K, Lane K, Acevedo A, Griffiths JK, Allen JD, Levine P, Corlin L. Environmental equity and COVID-19 experiences among a nationally representative cohort. 2021.

Society for Epidemiologic Research

  • Riseberg E, Chui K, James KA, Melamed R, Alderete TL, Corlin L. A longitudinal study of exposure to manganese and incidence of metabolic syndrome. 2021.
  • Barnard-Mayers R, Childs E, Corlin L, Caniglia E, Fox MP, Donnelly JP, Murray EJ. Assessing knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards causal directed acyclic graphs among epidemiologists and medical researchers: A qualitative research project. 2021.