First post – worst post


This week I explored room2learn. It’s like an educational Pinterest, with “hacks” for improving classrooms. And it’s probably intended for an elementary school classroom, but I think some of the ideas can carry over to a college setting. Like whiteboard tables, plants, and ceiling power outlets (we had them at my high school and they were great because no one could trip over them). And how about some standing desks? Plenty of fun ideas. Not sure the classroom of the future needs a hammock, but I’m not ruling anything out yet!

2 thoughts on “First post – worst post

  1. Sorry to have led you down the chocolate path. Those blogs were meant for you to lean more about blog-style than about blog-substance. Room2Learn site sounds good. Maybe you can start to think about how some of their suggestions might be rolled into our research? Is there some aspect of the-student-experience or the-teacher-experience that you think could be impacted (and measured?) based on some of their suggested interventions?

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