Although designing the classroom of the future seems like it would be fun, designing a $5 classroom for the present seems like it would be useful. For that reason, that’s what I looked into for Blog 2.

Introducing, UNICEF’s school-in-a-box. It’s a kit with supplies for a teacher and enough materials for 40 students. It’s designed for emergency situations, so teachers can continue teaching their students wherever they are, regardless of the state of their classrooms.

Lately, my social media sites have been ~flooded~ with news about the recent hurricanes, including how they’ve impacted schools (i.e., delays and closures). Some schools in Houston are so badly damaged that their students have been relocated to other schools. Imagine how crowded Tufts would be if we suddenly acquired another school’s-worth of students! I’m not sure that environment would be conducive to learning…

So the box seems relevant. Why crowd another school when you can just start your own? I’m sure the school from the box pales in comparison to the other schools, but it’s way better than nothing.

What if we designed a classroom-in-a-box for places without schools? Wouldn’t that be fun and useful and rewarding? I think so.

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