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At Sit-Stand Storage Solutions, the sit-stand storage squad (Chad and I) strives to solve your sit-stand storage situations!

Our challenge: how might we design a product that promotes activity, comfort, and collaboration for the average college student?

Our goal: design and build a sit-stand desk with ample space and storage functionality!

Our progress: thus far we have established our user needs through user research (a literature review, questionnaire, competitive analysis, expert review, and discussion with our client) and developed the following three design concepts based on our findings:

  • Our first design concept prioritizes simplicity. This design offers a large adjustable workspace, ample legroom, and chairs that function as storage bins—perfect for minimalists! Since this design is similar to standard sit-stand desks, our focus would be on making this desk more affordable.

  • Our second design concept prioritizes modularity. Each desk is designed to fit beside other desks to form a large cohesive circle (or semicircle)—perfect for group discussions. Additionally, each desk is adjustable and equipped with storage shelving below.

  • Our third design concept prioritizes space optimization. At its most compact level, this product is a cabinet with storage shelves on each end. Between these shelves is a whiteboard that can be pulled out and used as an adjustable desk surface—perfect for tight spaces.

Our next steps: Now that we have initial design concepts, we can collect feedback from our users! Feel free to post your comments below :). Soon we will choose a single design to refine, prototype, test, and iterate. Stay tuned for updates!

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