Saturday, 22 of September of 2018

Impressed with ReLoad

I’m impressed with the linked data project called ReLoad. Their data is robust, complete, and full of URIs as well as human-readable labels. From the project’s home page:

The ReLoad project (Repository for Linked open archival data) will foster experimentation with the technology and methods of linked open data for archival resources. Its goal is the creation of a web of linked archival data.
LOD-LAM, which is an acronym for Linked Open Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums, is an umbrella term for the community and active projects in this area.

The first experimental phase will make use of W3C semantic web standards, mash-up techniques, software for linking and for defining the semantics of the data in the selected databases.

The archives that have made portions of their institutions’ data and databases openly available for this project are the Central State Archive, and the Cultural Heritage Institute of Emilia Romagna Region. These will be used to test methodologies to expose the resources as linked open data.

For example, try these links:

Their data is rich enough so things like LodLive can visualize resources well:

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