In Blue Talk and Love, the fictional short story is told from he point of view of a girl named Ernestine who is going through the process of figuring out her sexuality as well as just figuring out herself and her place in the world.

While reading, I felt that Earnesteine and Xiomara’s relationship replicated the relationship between Earnesteine’s mother and father. Earnesteine’s dad is almost blissfully ignorant. Life is easy for him and he doesn’t concern himself with household affairs to the same extent that her mother does. Despite all of this, he still isn’t content with his life and often copes with it by isolating himself. Earnesteine’s mother seems to be burnt out by all of the responsibilities that she has to take on due to the passive role her husband has assumed in the household. Xiomara is the same as Ernesto, she seems to float through life happy and is really well received by her peers. It is for these reasons that Earnesteine resents Xiomara. Earnesteine is the opposite of Xiomara, she’s insecure and unsatisfied with pretty much every aspect of her life.

Despite the flawed nature of both of these relationships, at the root of the two is the love that each person has for the other. If not love, then they all care a lot about the other person. If this wasn’t the case, Earnesteine wouldn’t be so consumed with Xiomara and Earnesteine’s parents wouldn’t be together anymore. What I like about this short story is the way the author depicted the complicated nature of romantic relationships and how it plays out in the way the two people in that relationship interact with each other.