In Blue Talk and Love, Sullivan uses the characters of Earnestine and Xiomara to explore the relationship between two girls who eventually come to find more similarities than differences in their personalities. I think that something I enjoyed the most about the chapter was Sullivan’s use of beautiful metaphors to set the scene. Not only was I able to picture myself standing on the exact balcony where Earnestine and Xiomara smoked together, but I was able to immerse all my senses in the situation. I thought that the writing was brilliantly done, and was intrigued to read more.

With regards to the topic, love and sexuality, I was slightly confused by Sullivan’s focus on individual lives rather than the lives of two people together. Although the beginning of the chapter highlighted Earnestine’s relationship with Xiomara, the majority of the chapter described them as two separate individuals, and their independent characteristics and traits. However, as I think about it now, I imagine that the independent descriptions of each character, and the glimpses into their lives, allow the reader to understand and sympathize with each character’s experiences. I especially understood the internal struggles Earnestine was going through, with her family problems and social standing. Her sexuality was part of her development, but was unclear because of the chaos in her life.