I enjoyed the second half of “Fun Home” much more than the first half. I think the tone of Bechdel’s writing became more vulnerable which is what I was looking for in the first half. I’m not sure if it’s unfair of me to demand vulnerability from her when writing the entire book was probably a very courageous act that required vulnerability. I felt like her writing matured as the story progressed. Despite the book’s achronological order, it seems to me that she spent the first half of the book fleshing out her childhood and her relationship with her father during that period of her life. In the latter half of the book, she focuses more on her adolescent and young adult life. I liked that Bechdel used her diary entries to describe what was happening during that one very important summer. It was interesting to see how she was able to draw so much information out of them despite how vague the entries were.

Throughout reading this book, I’ve struggled with drawing  conclusions from it. I’m still not really sure how i feel about it. I think that this is because I’m not used to reading stories with tragic themes in the format of a graphic novel. However I do think that the graphic novel format perfectly illustrated the way Bechdel views her family, her upbringing, and her father’s death. So unfortunate and painful that the only way you can cope with it is to reduce it to triviality and humor.