After reading the second half of Fun Home, I feel like the similarity between the father and its surroundings become apparent along with the complex love between him and Bechdel. As the reading goes on, there are huge similarities between Beech Creek and The Wild Wood and Surrounding Country, where Bechdel can relate events that happened in the book to her life. For example, Mr. Toad speeding along the road reminds Bechdel of a similar car accident that killed her cousin. Ultimately, this combined with how Bruce never ventured out of this place leads to believe that he is Beech Creek and is meant to die there. He even had made a recording about Beech Creek and had the deep Pennsylvania accent. You can also see his similarity to his wife when they both express their creativity in different ways and places. The wife is more music and play oriented, but they both end up using the same recording machine to express what they love.


You can also see how Bruce used to be in Bechdel’s shoes. While he’s reticent and doesn’t like to approach the topic, he once too dressed in girl’s clothes and suppresses his sexuality. The theme of secret sexuality is present in both of them with Bechdel also defying sexual norms by liking to dress as a man and dance with girls. What’s different is that Bechdel has an opportunity and is more willing to share her sexuality, which creates a weird love between the father and her. For the whole book, it seemed that she hates her father because he is so stern and never was really there for her. But at the end of the book, she expresses how he is always there for her by “catching her when she leapt” and that they both needed each other. This only reinforces the title of the chapter of Bruce being an antihero and the closeness of their relationship. It’s also evident in the closing pictures where, for the first time in the book, they are playing the piano together and actually enjoying each other’s company.