Both the blurred lines and Aziz Ansari articles deal with the overwhelming power of men, even though we have made huge strides as a society to stray away from it. In the blurred lines article, Gay shows the sexual assault done by Thicke with his disgusting lyrics of having a sex with a girl, when she says no. Thicke is implying that when a girl says no, she really means yes. Because it’s such a catchy song, many people know the lyrics and only reinforces the male dominance in an unacceptable way against women. Even Gay says that she has to lighten up and realize that it’s part of the culture, and that some parts of the pop society have ventured into those jokes.


The Aziz Ansari article shows the similar power in a different way. In this article, Ansari shows his power with many people tending to believe him and dismiss the victim’s case as nothing. This case is more complex because it isn’t blatant sexual assault. It seemed that there was fault on both sides, where Ansari seemed to not pick up the signals of the other. However, the power shows when many people discredited Grace’s story and felt it was silly that she couldn’t speak up and leave when she was uncomfortable. They put too much blame on the victim without looking at the other side as carefully, and shows how women and their stories tend to be stooped to a lower level, even though there has been movement to stray away from that for years.