Course Calendar

Jan. 22                         M         Introduction

Jan. 24             W        “Against Love” by Laura Kipnis, PDF on Trunk; Blog Post 1 Due


Jan. 29             M         “We ‘Other Victorians’” by Michel Foucault, PDF on Trunk; Blog Post 2   Due

Jan. 31             W        Mini Draft Workshop Essay #1


Feb. 5              M         Essay Assignment #1 Due

Feb. 7              W        “The Supreme Court’s Lonely Heart’s Club” by Michael Cobb, PDF on

Trunk; Blog Post 3 Due


Feb. 12                        M         Written thesis due for Essay #2; Thesis Workshop

Feb. 14                        W        “A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories” by Roxane Gay, PDF on Trunk; Blog Post 4 Due


Feb. 19                        M         No Classes

Feb. 21                        W        “Blue Talk and Love” by Mecca Jamilla Sullivan, PDf on Trunk; Blog Post 5 Due

Feb. 22                        R         Substitute Monday Schedule on Thursday; Draft Workshop Essay #2


Feb. 26                        M         Essay Assignment #2 Due; “Visual Rhetoric: Images as Arguments,” From Critical Thinking to Argument, PDF on Trunk

Feb. 28                        W        Fun Home Part 1; Blog Post 6 Due


Mar. 5              M         Fun Home Part 2; Blog Post 7 Due

Mar. 7              W        Written Thesis Due for Essay #3; Thesis Workshop


Mar. 12                        M         Group Project Work Day

Mar. 14                        W       Group Project Presentation Day


March 19 – 23                         Spring Break


Mar. 26                        M        Draft Workshop Essay #3


Mar. 28                        W       Essay Assignment #3 Due; “The Wolfpack” by Mecca Jamilla Sullivan, PDF on Trunk; Blog Post 8 Due


Apr. 2              M         Library Day

Apr. 4              W        Written Thesis Due for Essay #4; Thesis Workshop


Apr. 9              M         “The controversy surrounding’s Aziz Ansari story, explained” by Caroline Framke and “Blurred Lines, Indeed” by Roxane Gay, PDFs on Trunk; Blog Post 9 Due

Apr. 11                        W        Draft Workshop Essay #4


Apr. 16                        M         No classes

Apr. 18                        W        Essay Assignment #4 Due


Apr. 23                        M         Reading TBA; Blog Post 10 Due

Apr. 25                        W        Revision Workshop


Apr. 30            M         Last day of classes

Final Portfolios Due uploaded to Trunk by 5:00 pm on Monday May 7th