Environmental Economics and Policy

Dr. Davis’ interest in environmental economics and policy began with her doctoral dissertation, which examined the underlying factors leading US states to adopt more stringent environmental standards than required by federal mandate.  On a side note, this work also explored partisan differences in special interest scorecard ratings of legislative voting records.  Her work in environmental economics later evolved to explore the impact of changing economic conditions on air pollution, building upon her hypothesis that the ebb and flow of economic activity has a discernible effect on air quality and ultimately human health. A secondary goal of this work was to identify surrogate measures of historical air pollution exposure to aid epidemiologic studies of chronic diseases such as lung cancer.

Select Publications

Davis ME. “Recessions and Health: The Impact of Economic Trends on Air Pollution in California,” American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 102(10): 1951-1956 (2012).

Davis ME, Laden F, Hart JE, Garshick E, and TJ Smith. “Economic Activity and Ambient Air Pollution Trends,” Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 118(5):614-619 (May 2010).

Doctoral Dissertation, University of Florida, 2003: Politics of the Environment: An Analysis of State Regulations and Special Interest Behavior.