Current Projects

In Spring 2020, we have five student-mentor pairs working on five projects:

  • Infinite Groups
    Student: Elena Gonick
    Mentor: Curtis Heberle
    Resources: Groups Graphs and Trees by John Meier
  • Information and Coding Theory
    Student: Diego Griese
    Mentor: Daniel Keliher
    Resources: Introduction to Information and Coding Theory by Steven Roman
  • Supervised Machine Learning
    Student: Philip Miller
    Mentor: Sam Polk
    Resources: The Elements of Statistical Learning by T. Hastie, R. Tibrishani, and J. Friedman
  • Analytic Number Theory
    Student: William Scott
    Mentor: Matt Friedrichsen
    Resources: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory by Tom Apostol
  • Algebraic Geometry
    Student: Pejmon Shariati
    Mentor: Chris Guevara
    Resources: An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry by Karen E. Smith