Shane and Ben Reflection

We started this project by attempting to implement IMU based positioning. We learned about I2C, Euler Angles, and how difficult it is to work with the Tufts wifi network. Tufts wifi prevented us from connecting multiple different microprocessors to the internet. Additionally, we had issues implementing the math that takes IMU readings and turns it into location data. We eventually ran low on time, and switched to GPS tracking which  only took us two days to implement. It was also stable enough that it performed without a hitch during the demonstration.

Our main takeaways from this project were to fail early and often. We went through numerous iterations of wifi-enabled microprocessors and IMU interpretation systems. We learned from all of our failures and in the end were able to come up with a stable system which worked. Another takeaway was to make sure our objective was inside the scope of the project.  Tackling an open area of research is outside the scope of a two week final project even though it might be an interesting and educational objective. We tried to develop an IMU-based localization system ourselves, despite knowing that that field is still an open area of research.

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