The transportation portion of the Marauders Map focuses on tracking the Tufts area shuttle, “The Joey”. While the Joey schedule can be found online here, the Marauders Map displays the wait time at each stop along the route.

Labview Front Panel showing the current time, time until each stop, and concatenated string in JSON

The Labview code takes the current time and compares it to the Joey Schedule for each stop. It then concatenates a JSON string of the stop name, the time until the next Joey, and the latitude and longitude of the stop. This string is then pushed to ThingWorx where the map team can read and parse the data.

Final Marauders Map showing one of the six Joey Stops

In future iterations we would like to gain access to the DoubleMap Joey Tracker API. DoubleMap is a third party company that is in charge of running the shuttle tracker service for Tufts. In the time frame of the project DoubleMap did not provide our team with an API key, but in the future the Marauders Map could feature a moving shuttle as well as stop arrival times.

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