Physical Display

The Marauders Map is a physical map which dynamically shows up to date information, including users locations, dining hall menus, and local sports events. Our team set out to construct the physical display system for this map and pull in virtual image data from Mr. Chupp’s server. The display system consists of a solid frame which mounts a rollout screen and projector system. The projector housing also contains tools needed to interact with the map. These include a battery pack, a microphone, and a method to click on map elements. While folded up, the map is very portable. A concept sketch is shown below.

Due to component shipping problems, we chose to implement a hidden laptop/dongle system to port the virtual map onto the projector. Final construction pictures are below.

A final run-through video of all front end map features and construction is hosted here

S.W.O.T Analysis


The key strengths of our system were its portability, stability, its large-scale display, and easy set up.


The weaknesses of our solution were: heavier than a paper map, lack of an independent power-source, lack of microphone, requires a table for a platform, and bulkiness. We addressed these issues by utilizing a wireless screen casting stick which connected to a laptop.


We believe this solution will provide a satisfying experience to the user. An impressive end product that can spark inspiration of students to learn about mechanical design and robotic systems. Creating the framing system created the opportunity to learn about linkage systems, engineering topics such as statics, integrated systems, machining, and industrial engineering.


The demand for the product may be low due to the bulkiness of the product. Individuals who want to invest in our product may be for classroom use and those who may prefer a stationary displaying platform.