The dining hall menu portion of the Marauders Map displays the breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees available that day at each of the two main dining halls at Tufts University. While the dining hall menus are available at, the Marauders Map is all about displaying useful information in one centralized location, and therefore displaying the dining hall menus enhances the power of the map as an informational tool.

LabVIEW front panel showing the entrees at each dining hall and the JSON strings pushed to Thingworx

The LabVIEW code uses a simple get request to pull information from the Tufts Dining API. This API contains the entire menu for seven Tufts Dining locations. However, only the main two dining halls (Carmichael and Dewick) have menus that change on a daily basis, which is why we chose to display those two on the map. Using the current date, the LabVIEW code assembles the API GET Request URL and calls the API for the current menu at Carmichael and Dewick. The JSON string from each dining hall was parsed, and formatted so that the breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees would be displayed in a list.

These lists are then paired with the latitude and longitude of the dining halls that they correspond to, and formatted into a JSON String that was pushed to the dining hall property in the central Thingworx thing that held all of the information for the Marauder’s Map. This JSON string could then be read from thingworx by the Map group, and parsed so that the dining hall menus would be displayed at the appropriate location.

Carmichael dining hall menu displayed on map

In future iterations, it would be useful to show what meal the dining hall was currently serving. Download the LabVIEW code here.