Jonathan and Serena

The main takeaway from this project is that it is very difficult to coordinate several separate devices too all communicate correctly with one another.  For this project, it was not difficult to implement the image processing software so that it correctly analyzed the images of the tables to see how many spaces were occupied, but getting the myRIOs to all connect to Thingworx correctly and being sending data simultaneously was challenging.  Along with this challenge, it also turned out to be difficult to coordinate deploying all the different myRIOs so that they were running the programs simultaneously and exporting data correctly.

The next challenge we encountered was getting the webcam that was plugged into the myRIO to actually feed images into LabView.  We ended up having to find code online that achieved this function and incorporated it into our own .vis, but unfortunately the time limitations of the project prevented us from thoroughly exploring how this code worked.  In the future, we would like to know more about image acquisition remotely on a myRIO, which is more difficult than image acquisition on a computer.