Tufts Information Gathering (Food, Transportation, Sports and Classrooms) Group Reflections:

Successes: Overall, we feel our group was successful in achieving our objective of displaying a lot of information about things happening on the Tufts campus. All of the information we displayed was accurate and relevant to life at Tufts. Additionally, we felt that our contributions to the map fit well into the bigger picture of the project and added value to the map as a whole.

Failures: While our group was overall successful, we also had several failures. For sensing classroom availability, we had initially planned on using Particle Photons, which are small wifi enabled microprocessors. While we successfully wrote the code to talk to the Photons in LabVIEW, we were unsuccessful in keeping the boards connected to the wifi for more than 5 minutes, which rendered them useless. Instead, we used the myRIOs which were much larger and were available in fewer numbers.

For the sports data, we wanted to display the time the game would start and the opponent, but weren’t able to successfully parse that information.

For the Joey schedule, we initially wanted to use the Double Maps GPS tracking service to update the location of the Joey on the map in real time. However, we were unable to get the API key for that service and therefore just hard coded in the scheduled stops.

Tufts Information Gathering Group SWOT Analysis

  • All information is important and relevant to college students
  • Our solution consolidates all the information and puts it in one place
  • The sports, transportation, and food components are all free to detect. The classroom data requires some hardware but could be done relatively inexpensively

  • Could easily be expanded to other college campuses or large office campuses
  • More information can be added, for example, event tracking on campus

  • All the information is already available in different places
  • Classroom detection isn’t very robust (could easily give a false occupied even if the room is empty)  

  • Websites being scraped could change
  • Joey schedule could change and then all the hard coded values would be wrong
  • Potential privacy concerns with classroom use detection