Fall 2015


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Laboratory Ace

Nearly 40 years ago, Te-Wen Chang helped determine the cause of a life-threatening disease

Resistance Fighter

Stuart Levy has spent a lifetime crusading against the overuse of antibiotics

Field Marshal

At the height of the Depression, Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, ’24, blazed a new trail in public health

Fortune Teller

Barry Levy says climate change is hazardous to our collective health

The Inner Life

Medical residents find value in reflecting on their interactions with patients

History Underfoot

A sidewalk plaque marks our school’s original location

Like Minds

Animal behavior research holds promise for better detection and treatment of compulsive disorders in people 

Poised and Ready

In a time of rapid change, graduates are told they will succeed by tapping into what they know

Double Job

This pediatrician puts out fires in his spare time

Cancer in Residence

Study finds an abundance of tanning beds near college campuses

New Channel

A website is born for the community of almost-doctors

The Long Goodbye

In an emotional program, students honor the anatomy lab donors who taught them so much

His Laurel Crown

Michael Jaharis awarded honorary degree for lifetime of leadership, service

Moving Toward the Source

A coalition of researchers explores environmental factors in the rise of breast cancer

Leading the Way

Robert Tepper is new chair of board of advisors

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Mar 26, 2019How Iran Won Our Iraq War

A new Army analysis, co-authored by a Fletcher student, details U.S. military and political mistakes...

Mar 26, 2019What Makes Some of Us So Selfish?

A generous gift by Ghahreman Khodadad will fund research at Tufts on the neurological underpinnings ...

Mar 26, 2019Giving Voice to the Body

Tufts lecturer Grace Talusan illuminates the truths of illness, abuse, and immigrant life in her new...

Hand and Glove

Silk proteins and an inkjet printer create an instant germ detector

Down Scale

Scientists are first to see elements transform at the atomic level, and their research may yield new cancer therapies

The Loaded Dice

In rare cases, prenatal screening finds genetic abnormalities that point to malignancies, says Tufts scientist

Core Truth

Apple proverb may have its roots in Wales

Goat Time

Former chair of molecular biology tends farm animals in retirement

Way Too Short 

How Alvin Bixon, ’47, celebrated his 93rd birthday

Needle Drops

Sterile syringe program cuts risk of disease in Worcester

A Tradition of Care

A message from the president of the alumni association