Summer 2014


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The Greater Good

Prompted by a new curricular requirement, more medical students than ever are volunteering

The Boss Who Barked

Brusque and opinionated, Louis Weinstein was a founding father of the field of infectious diseases

Father, Brother, Son

Tufts Medical School has touched three generations of this writer’s family

Teen Angst on Moving Day

Study finds rise in need for counseling after families relocate

A Digital Version of You

Geneticist J. Craig Venter says synthetic biology and big data will revolutionize our understanding of aging

Ode to Filth

Living with dirt can be good for your health

One Medicine, Two Perspectives

Veterinary residents and their physician counterparts have a lot in common

Just Warming Up

Climate change is already affecting human health—and it’s early yet

Antidepressants and Early Birth

Pregnant women and their doctors should carefully consider potential effects of medication, study finds

What’s Old Is New Again

Despite changes in medicine, good preparation will win out, graduates told

The First Spark

Targeted philanthropy supports early stages of promising research into health challenges

Buzz Cuts for Cancer

Cuts for a Cause raises money for Floating Hospital

By the Numbers

Check out what's going on at the library

The Future at a Glance

Graduating class gravitates toward careers in primary care

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


TB on the Comeback Trail

Microbiologist works to decipher the defenses of the centuries-old bacteria

New Hope for Deadly Breast Cancers

Researchers find promising target in battle against tough-to-treat tumors

Gums Under Attack

Stress may cause periodontal disease

License to Cure

Pink-ribbon Massachusetts plate funds breast cancer research at Tufts Cancer Center

Back Home

More than 300 alumni and friends celebrate their class reunions

Can You Hear Me Now?

Obamacare may aid those with hearing loss

Honored by Medical Society

Rheumatologist Hubert Caplan has been a leader in organized medicine