Summer 2018


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Taking on TB

Bree Aldridge and her team are revolutionizing how we understand and treat this deadly disease.

What Matters Most

Alum Dawn Gross on why hard conversations about life and death are so important.

Right on Track

A look at the successes and future of the Maine Track program.

Keeping Tabs on Hypertension

A new wearable device puts Tufts on the frontlines in fighting high blood pressure.

Finding the Brain Pathway to Obesity

A new study reveals how leptin affects both weight gain and diabetes.

Gut Reaction

Need proof that beauty is in all things? See “Enteroid Supernova,” an image of enlarged, clumped-together enteroids.

Staving Off Burnout

Jody Schindelheim helps budding physicians grapple with the emotional burdens of the profession.

Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence

Donning white coats, students condemned the public-health crisis.

Eating for Healthy Eyes

Why complex carbs are the clear choice for preserving vision.

Help for the Most Helpless

A new app seeks to aid a growing number of drug-exposed newborns.

New Hope for Postpartum Depression

Research by Jamie Maguire has led to a drug now under FDA review.

Poised for the Future of Health Care

Meeting the demand for health-informatics professionals to manage and analyze data.

Surgery Star Stepping Down

Tufts Medical Center surgeon-in-chief Bill Mackey will stay on until his successor is chosen.

Continuing Education

A generous donor teams up with Tufts to support research and teaching through the Professorship Partnership Challenge.

When Medicine Meets Fiction

A pediatric cardiologist reaches young patients through literature.

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


New Worldview

School of Medicine students evaluate programs and policies to combat HIV in Namibia.

Long-Distance Health

Tufts-affiliated doctors are involved in a new model of medical-care delivery.

Swinging Shape

Improve your game and your health with these tips from the Golf Doc.

Why I Give

Ana Lopes Johnson, M01

Caps Off

The 2018 School of Medicine graduates are ready to tackle health-care challenges.