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  • Many prehealth students take two lab sciences at the same time. It is important to make an objective decision on whether or not you are capable of doing well in two lab sciences simultaneously. What others do, or tell you to do is irrelevant. What is important is your background and history. If you have […]

  • A “W” will not keep you out of medical school – it is not factored in as a failure, nor automatically assumed to be such. Certainly you do not want to have multiple “W”’s on your transcript, but one is not a problem. It is important to make your decision with a full understanding of […]

  • A full year of calculus is no longer a requirement for health professions schools as it was many years ago. Since some still do require a semester of calculus, students should plan on taking Math 5 or Math 11 if they do not already have a prematriculation credit for calculus. Students who are seriously contemplating […]