Healthy Start

Do you or your family want to live a healthier life? Do you want to optimize your personal or professional performance? Do you or your family habitually skip breakfast because you lack the time to prepare it?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then Healthy Start is a wise choice for you or your family! Designed by Human-Machine Systems Design Experts, the Healthy Start breakfast bot is an automated device specializing in preparing a healthy vitamin infused pancake breakfast for up six people.

31 Million Americans Skip Breakfast Each Day

Research has shown time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… not only to optimize cognitive performance but also to enhance weight control, minimize unhealthy food “cravings” throughout the day, and to improve overall health when options such as efficient carbohydrates and proteins are consumed. Nutritionist Adelle Davis famously said “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” in the 1960’s. According to a recent study by Spencer (2017) we should be consuming 15-25% of our daily energy intake at breakfast. Despite this, research by Haines (1996) and Kant/Graubard (2006) show 18-25% of adults and up to 36% of adolescents skip this “most important” meal each day.

When we skip breakfast, we tend to eat 4.9% more food at lunch and 14% more food at dinner. These overeating habits can lead to unhealthy weight gain not to mention the lost cognitive performance experienced during the day from a skipped breakfast.

Healthy Start provides an solution to these issues. By automatically providing the user with a tasty (gourmet mix), healthy (vitamin B/C/D & protein infused) and warm pancake breakfast each morning we can all take the steps to live our Best Life!

Other companies in the past have tried to deliver automated breakfast options but fall short of Healthy Start. Think of the automatic pancake machines you often see at continental breakfasts at hotels. These devices are commonly unsanitary, lack automation, take too long to deliver food (>12 minutes on average for a mid size family), and provide pancakes of low quality and size once delivered. Not to mention the ingredients surely lack the vitamins and essential proteins which are critical to a healthy breakfast. Healthy Start is the solution.

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How it works

Simply install the pancake mix pack into the base of the machine and fill the water reservoir. One mix pack should last a large family up to two weeks, or a single user one to two months.

Healthy Start can be programmed with either Voice Commands or via your smart phone App! Set it to have breakfast waiting for you in the morning at your selected time!

Just show up and enjoy a healthy breakfast loaded with critical B/C/D Vitamins and essential carbohydrates and proteins.

Task Analysis

The following snap shot of the system Task Analysis provides a brief view of the task steps and classifications supporting the Automation Strategy.

Flow Diagram

The Flow Diagram is a visual representation for Healthy Start “cycle” from initial install to recurring maintenance functions. This should give the User a basic understanding of the flow and functions of the machine.

Healthy Start – User/Computer Flow

Application Walkthrough

Mobile App

Once the basic machine installation is complete, the user will need to fill the water reservoir, insert pancake mix pack, and place the serving plate on the base of the machine. They are ready to interact with the A Healthy Start mobile application!

First, open A Healthy Start mobile App. From this screen, the user can either program the machine to make pancakes right now or set a time for the pancakes to be made at a later time

Make Pancakes Now

Use the up / down arrows to set the number of pancakes. Then select the green “Begin Preparing Pancakes” button.

Confirm order on next page and get updates on serving time. User can click “Edit Pancake Order” to go back to the previous page or “Cancel Order”.

Schedule Pancakes

Use the up / down arrows to set the number of pancakes and time. Then select the green “Begin Preparing Pancakes” button.

Confirm order on next page and get updates on serving time. User can click “Edit Pancake Order” to go back to the previous page or “Cancel Order”.

Error Codes

User is alerted with a message “Insufficient ________ (pancake mix, water, plate) to make pancakes”.

User must correct deficiency in order to continue.

Real Users

Meet Jenny from San Diego, CA!

Jenny is 34 and a mom to two young children. She also works full-time and almost never has time in the morning to make a complete breakfast for her children. Jenny sought out Healthy Start in order to make sure that her family can have a hearty, home-made breakfast infused with crucial vitamins and proteins. 

User expectations: Jenny expects using Healthy Start to be a simple and quick process with minimal human intervention. Jenny expects the machine to be accurate with having the number of pancakes ready by the time she schedules the pancakes to be ready by. In addition, because the machine has a self cleaning feature, Jenny expects the machine to require little maintenance. Jenny expects that she only needs to load the ingredients, place the plate on the base of the machine, and program when she wants the pancakes to be ready. In addition, Jenny expects that the food will be equivalent, if not better, to the pancakes that she would make for her own family. 

Jenny’s Experience Using A Healthy Start

  1. Jenny buys machine and corresponding pancake mix. 
  2. Jenny plugs machine at home and links machine to phone via the mobile application. 
  3. Jenny loads machine with pancake mix, water, and plate on the base of the machine. 
  4. Jenny wishes to schedule a time for her pancakes to be made. From the home page of the application, Jenny selects “Schedule Pancakes for Later.” Jenny selects 12 pancakes to be ready at 7:00 AM. 
  5. Jenny arrives in kitchen at 7:00 AM to see her pancakes freshly made. In addition, the automatic cleaning function of the machine is now operating, bringing another smile to Jenny’s face as she knows she does not have to clean the machine. 
  6. Jenny and her family enjoy the pancakes and are ready to start their day. 

Jenny’s Motivation For Using A Healthy Start

  • The ability to spend time doing more important tasks, like helping her children get ready for school in the morning rather than making breakfast
  • Streamless process from start to finish, including: 
    • simple ingredient loading process
    • straightforward user interface on mobile application or voice commands
    • easy clean up process
  • Reliable time estimator for when pancakes will be ready  
  • Delicious pancakes infused with vitamins and protein

Error Identification and Recovering Errors

  1. User improperly schedules the wrong amount of pancakes or the wrong time. 
    1. User clicks on orange button in order to edit their order. 
  2. User accidentally clicks on “Make Pancakes Now” instead of “Schedule Pancakes for Later.” 
    1. User clicks the back button in the upper left hand corner. 
  3. User wishes to cancel an order that they no longer or accidentally placed. 
    1. User selects “Cancel Order.” 
  4. User forgets to load plate or there are not enough ingredients. 
    1. User is informed that there are not enough ingredients or plate via a notification in the application. 

A Healthy Breakfast Made Easy!