Website Design/Build/Automate!

Welcome to my Website! This site is designed for two groups: my colleagues/classmates and my kids. For my colleagues/classmates, the site is an avenue to post my assignments and facilitate discussion. For my kids, I’ve built in some automation which will hopefully make my life easier and provide them entertainment!

Website Design: please note the Menu bar on the top right of the screen (for Desktop) or the Menu icon (for Mobile devices). You can have a quick glance into my life on “About Me”, view my weekly “Blog”, checkout interesting “Links” I’ve added, and view my “Portfolio” assignments.

For my kids (Blake, Luke Charlotte)… your favorite automated Live! YouTube feeds and webcams are at the bottom of each page of this website. All videos are Live! feeds or webcams.

My Brand is the Coast Guard! I am a @USCG helicopter pilot by trade with 4k hours of flight experience in the U.S. and Canada. Once I finish my degree at @Tufts, I will move to Washington DC to work at the Coast Guard’s Office of Aviation Safety. There, I will work with a team to formulate Coast Guard aviation policy, pursue Safety initiatives, and participate in mishap/accident investigation when appropriate. I hope to share my work on this site with my colleagues as potential ideas for future initiatives.

***Now for the Website Automation!***

I’ve automated this website for my kids and for myself!

For my kids, I’ve included automated Live! YouTube streaming video feeds that they watch daily at the bottom of each page on this site. The NASA feeds (example above) are for Luke for his new fascination with outerspace/exploration and typically show Earth and satellite views. Blake loves learning about earthquakes so there is a live feed of the world Richter Scale seismograph (Quake Cam!) and a beach webcam of Tofino, British Columbia in Canada where we used to live. Charlotte loves animals so there is a live webcam of bears and other wildlife in the Alaska Katmai National Park and a webcam of raccoons and deer.

For myself, I’ve added an automated RSS feed of the @USCG Twitter site on the sidebar of my Portfolio page. This way I will have plenty of @USCG news in my scan and I won’t need to Google for it anymore! Lastly, I’ve made sure that I will be notified via email whenever someone comments on my Blog posts. This will save me time from checking the site frequently to see if there are comments.