Global Comparative News Analysis

The Murrow Center is developing a comparative news analysis platform called ICEBERG to engender better understanding of how global powers and actors frame issues and events impacting international relations and diplomacy. We are soon launching an experimental alpha edition for a select community of experts on the topic of human security, based at leading universities and institutions in the U.S. and Europe. In its early stages, ICEBERG content will be overseen by former NPR Foreign Editor John Felton.


THE PROBLEM: Opposing trends in news media — where pressures on business models are fueling a retreat from coverage of international viewpoints — and in social media — where personalization and algorithms support a filter bubble that inherently reinforces existing viewpoints — have opened a breach in global understanding and may be complicit in enabling the rise of nationalistic impulses across countries and communities. At the very time when humanity’s future prosperity and well-being is increasingly and intrinsically globalized, our primary sources of information are becoming more provincial.

THE PROJECT: To develop a platform steeped in contemporary news presentation, distribution, and engagement techniques for the comparative analysis of ideas, views and analysis from subject matter experts and emerging thinkers around the world.

THE GOAL: To foster improved global understanding by exposing leaders in public diplomacy and international business to broad and deep insights from authentic voices from within the countries and enterprises directly influencing global relations.

CURRENT STATUS: With support from Charming Robot, a renowned digital product design firm from New York City — as well as the insightful contributions from relevant thought leaders from academia, news media, social media and journalism — the Center is pushing forward with its first test case this fall.