Cambridge Heritage Trust Tour Development Internship

Summer internship to work on a grant funded project
$1,500 stipend
3 month internship, 12 hours a week (minimum)
Contact: Gavin W. Kleespies (
Applications accepted until February 3, 2012

We are looking for a summer intern to develop and lead an original walking tour on an aspect of
the history of Cambridge and then give a lecture on the same subject. The tours will take place
as a part of the Cambridge Discovery Days* (August 4 and August 11), and the lectures would
be given at the Public Library or another central location that is accessible to the city’s residents.

The tours can be on a wide variety of subjects, worked out by the intern and CHS staff. The
two main conditions are that the tours will A) advance the understanding of Cambridge History
and B) that they will be guided tours that are given as a part of the Cambridge Discovery
Days program. Other than these two conditions, the format and the content of the tours will be
relatively openly defined. They can be walking tours, bicycle tours, or smart phone tours. The
subject of these tours is also relatively open.

Working with the Cambridge Historical Society staff, the intern will be expected to develop, plan,
research, write, and presentation of a tour. The intern will also gather historic images and take
contemporary photos of the sites and we will use these images to produce a self guided tour to
be distributed in print and/or on-line.

To apply, please submit a resume, writing sample, schedule of your availability over the summer
of 2012, and a statement of why you would be a good fit for this internship. Please also let us
know if you are available for an interview in person or if we should set up a telephone interview.
The selection will be made by the Executive Director.

The internship will be for a three month period and will include 12 hours a week at CHS,
although they can volunteer additional hours if they choose. For their efforts, the intern will
receive a $1,500 stipend.

*The Cambridge Discovery Days are two days in August when there are a series of free tours
of Cambridge given across the city by a wide variety of different non-profit groups, including but
not limited to: the Cambridge Historical Commission, the Longfellow House, the Mount Auburn
Cemetery, and numerous independent tour leaders. This will be true as long as the Cambridge
Discovery Days continue. If this program ceases to exist, the Cambridge Historical Society will
offer a tour every August as a part of our regular program schedule.