Assists with all aspects of collections management of the archaeological and ethnographic collections at the Peabody Museum.

Performs tasks necessary to undertake the electronic catalog and physical inventory of the collections at the Peabody Museum. Verifies, researches and enters information in the museum database by reviewing pertinent documentation such as ledger entries, catalogue cards, accession records, archives, photographs, and published sources. Reorganizes collections in storage, including any necessary re-housing. Lends assistance to the conservation, documentation, research, and exhibition of the collections as needed.   Work as the collections management liaison with the departments of repatriation, registration, conservation, curation, osteology, image services, information technologies, exhibits, archives, building management or collections research.

Has or develops a set of specialized skills that will assist the current goals of the museum.   Examples include skills such as in-depth knowledge of North American ethnology or Mesoamerican archaeology, photography, digital image processing, or practical knowledge of individual storage areas in the museum. Acts as a principal contact and trainer for these skills.   Is responsible for the organization and maintenance of specified storage areas in the museum. Works on and assists in developing grants and other project-oriented tasks. Works with interns and students on selected projects. Performs clerical functions related to the creation and maintenance of the catalogue and the physical inventorying of objects. Performs other duties as required.


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