In this position, you will serve as a Museum Specialist (History) – Registrar at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence, MO.


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Ensures proper procedures are followed with regard to the care, registration, and documentation of museum collections. Oversees the accessioning and cataloging of the museum collections, maintaining computerized collection management software and collection inventories and file systems; assigns accession number to items, recording the type and identity, donor or other source, and pertinent information required for their care, study, identification, and location; supervises the photography of museum objects and organizes photographic records; maintains and arranges all museum objects in storage areas.


Creates and updates registration manual and collection management policies based on professionally accepted museum standards and implements these guidelines into the daily operation of the museum. Manages conservation, preservation, and restoration of the museum collection. Ensures that the placement of objects in exhibits and storage areas is consistent with environmental and security measures to prevent deterioration, damage, theft, or loss.


Performs required annual inventories of the museum collection and maintains inventory records.


Oversees work of volunteers and other staff members assigned to perform cataloging and collections management projects.


Works with Museum Curator, other Presidential Libraries, and museums and private collectors from around the world to coordinate the museum’s incoming and outgoing loan program primarily for exhibition purposes. Represents the Museum Curator and Director in negotiating outgoing loans to outside organizations. Makes final arrangements, if approved, for loans (physical transfer, insurance, etc.). Assists the Museum Curator with incoming loans from other museums or private collections.


Serves on planning teams for temporary and permanent exhibitions. Assists the Curator and other staff with the selection of objects from within the collection, and from outside collectors to support the themes of exhibitions. Assists other museum personnel with the construction, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of museum exhibitions.


Responds to public inquiries concerning the museum collection, preparing responses by letter, telephone, e-mail, fax, or in person; prepares lectures and/or public presentations about the Truman Library and its museum collection for the general public or specialized audiences as required. Provides assistance, information and occasional interviews about the Truman Library and/or its museum collection to the media as required; escorts special groups on tours of the facility, providing knowledgeable technical or general information about the Truman Library, its collections, and its programs.


Assists Museum Curator in performing research related to the museum’s collection. Performs research on collections for exhibitions, labels, scripts, catalogs and for media inquiries. Researches museum records and published and unpublished sources to establish provenance of objects; and pursues individual research projects which may lead to publication in historical or technical journals and books.


Assists Museum Curator in collecting artifacts that further support the documentation of the life of Harry Truman and his Presidency. Makes recommendations to the Museum Curator regarding whether to accept donations offered to the Harry S. Truman Library in consultation with museum colleagues.


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