Everyone’s talking aNEMA NEMA NEMA in the run up  to their conference this November, (and for good reason, it’s a great opportunity to meet and chat with the people who are coming up with ideas and moving the cogs in our regional museum community.) But it’s hardly the only conferences! I grabbed just three of the conferences I heard about this week and took a closer look:


MUSEUM NEXT (May 2013)

Europe’s biggest conference about the digital side of museums has issued an open call for papers (deadline November 1). While they  won’t fly you to Amsterdam, they will offer you free admission to the conference, and who doesn’t want to go to Amsterdam?! Also, for those of us on a grad school budget, this is still a great example of a robust website which you should be reading anyway with fantastic articles and even a number of their past conference sessions posted to Vimeo. Find out more: http://www.museumnext.org/conference/conference.html




The Artifact, its Context, and their Narrative: Multidisciplinary Conservation in Historic House Museums.

This collaborative conference tours and examines the care of and potential for historic houses on the other coast. Two days of site visits and two days of lectures. Of course, we’re unsurprised that one of the keynote speakers is from Historic New England. It’s a great, really focused conference if you can make it. If you can’t, try scoping out the speaker and presentation list. If you’ve got a burning question about historic houses, think of this as a list of people who have really volunteered to be experts and spent time synthesizing an issue. Check out  the papers and sessions presented.  Find out more: https://www.uscarchitecture.com/demhist#demhist_topics




HUMANITIES CONFERENCE in Budapest (June 19-21, 2012)

Another daydream location, this conference is held annually around the world. BUT, even if Budapest is out of your price range, they do offer opportunities to present virtually or submit in absentia papers to their journal. (Call for papers deadline is November 12)  This is a great interdisciplinary conference, with online and on-site sessions, which examines new ways to teach and research across disciplines with speakers from around the world. Find out more: http://thehumanities.com/the-conference


What do you think? What other conferences are out there and how else can we get more from them?