Safety and Security Manager

  • Date(s):  January 22, 2015 – March 31, 2015
  • Time:  6:50 PM – 7:50 PM
The Eiteljorg Museum is accepting resumes and applications for the position of Safety and Security Manager. This position works closely with the in-house staff and outside contractors to insure the safety and security of the museum, its contents, grounds, staff, volunteers and visitors. This position also represents the museum to the White River State Park, parking facilities personnel, Capital Police, IMPD, fire department and vendors related to the security function.

The right candidate will have an Bachelors degree in Safety, Security, Criminal Justice or related field as well as 3 to 5 years’ proven management and/or supervisory experience as a safety and security manager or director, preferably in a museum or retail environment.

All applications and resumes can be sent to, faxed to 317-275-1430 or mailed to Eiteljorg Museum, Personnel, 500 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

EITELJORG MUSEUM – Job Description

JOB TITLE:                                                       Safety and Security Manager

DEPARTMENT:                                                 Facilities

STATUS:                                                           Exempt

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:                        Director of Facilities and Security




  1. Responsible for the day to day security and safety of the campus, facility, building contents and those who work or visit the museum.
  2. Responsible for the 24 hour daily staffing of contracted and/or in house security for the museum, making sure adequate staff is on hand at all times. This includes normal daily operations, security coverage for events and festivals throughout the year.
  3. Schedules regular meetings with contracted security provider and their staff for reviews of work performed, solutions to problems and to assure that contracted security quality is proper for the museum and its needs. Meeting with contact security management should be as needed, must meet with staff every other month.
  4. Maintains good working relationships with other organizations; local, state and federal, as well as other appropriate organizations. Acts as the museum’s representative to these organizations for security and safety needs.
  5. Plans and implements regular training schedules for security officers to maintain a high level of competence. Must work with Director of Visitor Services on customer service/visitor experience topics to ensure that security delivers excellent customer service.
  6. Works with Director of Facilities and Security on developing policies and procedures for employee safety, with subjects including but not limited to fall protection, hazard communications, ladder safety, lift safety, evacuation procedures, etc.
  7. Responsible for maintaining loss control program and procedures for the museum. Acts as liaison for the museum to fire and police agencies.
  8. Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all security systems for the museum. This includes but is not limited to all alarms, fire panels, panic buttons, control room monitoring equipment and various devices for security coverage throughout the building, on the museum property or satellite locations used by the museum. Oversees any routine work done to these systems and the installation of new equipment. Keeps records of all work done to these systems and recommends changes to them as necessary. Must conduct drills or testing of above mentioned equipment at least every other month or as required by regulatory agencies or workers comp insurance carriers.
  9. Responsible for regulatory affairs including; safety program, hazardous communications program, emergency procedures, respiratory protection program, and other applicable federal, state regulations. Conducts regular inspections to insure compliance with all such programs.
  10. Prepares and submits yearly basic security budget and monitors and controls expenditures within that budget. Reports to the director of facilities any changes within that budget.
  11. Responsible for maintaining and updating all information in the museum crisis hand-book
  12. Meets on a regular basis with the Director of Facilities and Security for information sharing on security staff, issues or systems. Reports any serious problems immediately and arranges for the resolution of problems.
  13. Must attend weekly Events Meeting to assist with staffing needs. Must make rounds through all areas of museum and check on security officers, equipment operation and general security of the building.
  14. Works as liaison to White River State Park, parking facilities personnel, Capital Police, IMPD, fire department and vendors related to the security function.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelors degree in Safety, Security, Criminal Justice or related field.
  • Three to five years’ proven successful management/supervisory experience as a safety and security manager, preferably in a museum or facility environment.
  • Requires a proven and extensive knowledge of all security and fire systems.
  • Must be familiar with state of the art security equipment CCTV’s, DVR’s, digital camera and must be ‘able to conduct’ some basic repair functions.
  • Excellent organizational, verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Must contribute to a positive working environment and cooperate with co-workers.
  • ADA Requirements:
    • Visual, oral, hearing and dexterity are required.
    • Must be able to carry and lift heavy objects, stand for extended periods and walk for extended periods of time.
    • Ability to lead, organize, and direct security staff.
    • Must be able to use ladders, lifts or climb scaffolds to assist in maintaining security equipment.


Contact Person: Lezlie Laxton Phone: (317) 275-1335
Email Address: Fax: (317) 275-1430