Curator of Exhibitions

Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, CT

25 hrs/wk, flexible scheduling The Curator of Exhibitions is responsible for the strategic direction, research, planning and installation of the Fairfield Museum’s exhibitions with the goal of increasing the museum’s community visibility and engagement. Develop, implement and manage in collaboration with other museum staff a regular schedule of exhibitions. Design and install changing exhibitions and direct contract staff in exhibit design and fabrication for occasional larger exhibits. Oversee the advance scheduling, planning and design of museum exhibitions; conduct research and prepare content with museum staff and/or outside curators; supervise designers and exhibition fabricators; administer contracts, schedules and budgets. Work with the Museum’s education staff to develop effective exhibit-related programming; contribute to interpretive collaborations with community organizations, affinity groups, schools and other constituents. Work with other museum staff to conduct research that informs exhibition and program development, assist in grant writing and sponsorship development to support museum exhibitions, and direct the museum’s exhibition functions. Maintain a high level of expertise in museum interpretation, including a thorough understanding of relevant professional, ethical and legal issues; as well as a strong understanding of regional history and culture. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to by Feb. 15, 2016. Posted on: 01/29/2016