Vice-President of Digital Learning (Full-time, Exempt)


The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is seeking a Vice President of Digital Learning. The Vice President of Digital Learning is responsible for the development and implementation of the Museum’s digital learning programs. This position is responsible for developing digital learning strategy and digital program development across all areas of the Museum’s operations – galleries and exhibitions, educational and general visitor programs, partnership development, online services, and for leading the development of the educational content of the museum’s new Academy of Digital Learning; a major, multi-year project involving the creation of significant new exhibitions and program spaces within the Museum.  This position will oversee the development of the educational content within the Museum’s Academy of Digital Learning. The position will be a key member of the program while working closely with the President; other key museum management team members, project consultants and contractors, all in a collaborated effort to oversee the development of state of the art, educational content. Drawing on current best practices in digital and online learning in the informal education sector, and building upon the work of the Museum’s education team members, this position will lead in the development through an innovative array of digital learning resources.  The Vice President of Digital Learning will report directly to the Museum President.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Create a central new collection of experiences that provide a dynamic, synergistic, and fun environment that enables 24/7 digital learning;
  • Develop and integrate digital technologies across the existing museum which enhance and support the digital learning initiative;
  • Develop a digital learning “laboratory” environment that enables concept pre-testing during the design development phase of the project;
  • Substantially increase appeal to a much broader audience demographic, creating new business opportunities and focusing on teens through young adults;
  • Become an active participant in the national & international digital learning movement being at the forefront of implementing best practice for informal education; and
  • Improve the museum’s on-line engagement with the community and to enhance its outreach into the community, inclusive of the public, educational and corporate partnerships.
  • Continuously investigate new technologies, experiment with potential technologies such as virtual servers, rich media web site software, exhibit and interactive hardware and software
  • Provide advice to Museum staff members needing assistance with technology planning for new exhibits, website or other operational needs.
  • Participate in the development of strategic plans. Initiate and develop special initiatives related to museum technology.
  • Provide overall direction and advice on Museum’s technology implementations. Work closely with colleagues to meet team goals and improve processes and practices
  • Supervise one or more full or part-time permanent or temporary staff members working on technology or technology related projects.
  • Collaborate with Exhibition, Education & Public Programs, Collections, Store, PR & Marketing, and Administrative staff in developing new technology initiatives and projects.
  • Oversee museum website, develop procedures for implementing, testing, deploying, and operating website based on static HTML as well as on active back-end systems such as WordPress. Implement website in-house, work with outside suppliers, or work with other museum staff who are working with outside suppliers. Monitor website to ensure proper operation, maintain backups of website, and update server software as needed.
  • Develop multimedia systems for exhibits, including investigation into new platforms such as iPads, Linux-based computers, and other special-purpose hardware. Implement exhibit technology installations capable of operating over periods ranging from a few weeks to years with minimal intervention required by other Museum staff.


  • A Master’s Degree or higher in a relevant subject
  • Must be an experienced educationalist in either the formal (e.g., school, college) or the informal (e.g., museum, library) sectors, with expertise in the creative use of digital technologies (including online resources) to enhance learning opportunities in one or more of the following target audience sectors:  K-12 students and their teachers; families; teens and young adults; adults
  • The successful candidate will be generally acquainted with the emerging field of online learning at the K-12 and/or the college & continuing education levels; and will have a proven track record of creative program development and delivery in one or more of these areas.
  • Creative ability to exploit new and emerging technologies in the development of new learning opportunities
  • Significant work experience in an institution of formal or informal education, including working with content specialists (e.g., scientists, historians) to develop digital learning resources and experiences
  • Experience in fundraising with foundations, major donors, and corporations.
  • Familiarity with digital learning and content management systems
  • Practical experience with project management and inter-disciplinary team leadership
  • Proven ability to motivate teams and manage to schedule and budget
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Experience of developing and teaching online courses
  • Domain expertise in one or more of the following: college-level science, engineering, humanities, and/or social sciences
Job Information
  • Fort Worth, Texas, 76107, United States
  • 26964901
  • February 19, 2016
  • Vice President of Digital Learning
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science And History
  • Directors/Administrators
  • No
  • Full-Time
  • Indefinite
  • Master’s Degree
  • None
  • None