Title: Marketing and Communications Director: Full Time, exempt, flexible hours,

including weekend schedule and evenings. Mondays to Fridays, plus special events.

Basic Functions:

Responsible for marketing, external relations and development through all mediums:

publications, website, social media, print, tv/radio. Responsible for membership, public

relations, community relations, publications and development activities. Works as an

integral part of the small, team-oriented staff to ensure that all communications both

inside and outside the Museum are timely, accurate, and reach the appropriate audiences

(both existing and new) while using Museum funds and resources in the most effective


(1) Marketing and Design: Designs, oversees and disseminates printing/production of

marketing collaterals, both internal and external to the Museum, including but not

limited to brochures and museum promotional materials, exhibition object labels,

exhibition signage, wayfinding signs, Shop and Tea Room signs, front desk

signage, banners, and others as needed. Designs and oversees printing/production

of marketing materials, including: newsletters and printed newsletters, invitations,

event/program postcards, exhibition posters and others as needed.

Maintains/updates Museum’s social media presence and web site including

calendars (print and media), events.

(2) Direct marketing: Oversees all mailings, including maintaining/purchasing

mailing lists and email contacts; coordinates mailings with mailing house.

(3) Branding: Will spearhead a refreshing of the Museum’s brand, establishing brand

guidelines/stylesheets and ensuring brand adherence.

(4) Public Relations: Writes and distributes all press releases and calendar listings to

local, national, and international press. Maintains relationships with members of

the press; plans and staffs press preview events as necessary.

(5) Advertising: Designs and places all Museum advertisements, both print and on-

line, as well as special promotions (e.g. Groupon) in collaboration with Visitor

Services Manager. Researches and tracks ad placements so as to ensure the most

effective use of advertising dollars.

(6) Membership: maintain all records, manages regular commutations and

implementation of membership program.

(7) Development: Implement and maintain development activities such as Appeals,

regular, corporate and upper level membership programs. Will work close to

promote and build income sectors such as facility rental activities with Visitor

Services Manager.

Organizational Relationship:

Reports to Director, works closely with all staff, in particular with senior management

team: Deputy Director and Visitors Services Manager and Business Manager.

Skills: Job Qualifications:

B.A. or above in communications, graphic design, or closely related field. Must be skilled

at both print and online graphic design; able to communicate the Museum’s mission and

related messages clearly and effectively with the press as well as with the public and

vendors; ability to work under pressure; good interpersonal skills; creative thinker with

an innovative yet timeless approach to design; computer literate with existing systems at

the Museum;

Must be able to physically lift, push, pull, hold and carry 30 to 40 pounds.

6 month review and 1st annual benchmark indicators:

 5% increase in attendance

 10% increase in social media traffic and web

 Keep costs at 2015 budget level

 Change graphic look, cleaner lines

 10 year anniversary implementation

 10% increase in membership

 10% increase in facility rentals