Greenway Volunteer Program
Play Ambassador

About the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

The Conservancy is the designated steward of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks in the heart of Boston that connect people and the city with beauty and fun. The non-profit Conservancy maintains, programs, and improves the Greenway on behalf of the public and in partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Position Overview

The Conservancy has long embraced fun on The Greenway and this year we will expand that with a play-based education program. Play is not only exciting but is an important part of child development. The Greenway is looking forward to hosting youth groups, play sessions and outdoor drawing sessions, supporting and enhancing all the great events, horticulture, and art happening in the parks.

This volunteer program engages park-based ambassadors that can interact with children and adult visitors, providing guidance, activities, and information about The Greenway. We are looking for people who are passionate about education and public spaces, and are willing to work with a team to create meaningful experiences for park patrons. This position is moderately structured with set shifts and responsibilities, and includes a range of opportunities and experiences.


Play Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Acting as a friendly, knowledgeable and approachable presence at our play sessions and events
  • Engaging visitors with on-site activities and general Greenway information
  • Completing measureable observations for inclusion in play reports
  • Providing on-site support during events, concerts and other programs involving a play element
  • Attending trainings and memorizing information about The Greenway and our programs
  • Working closely with Art Ambassadors and Curatorial Assistant to provide information about our public art pieces and art-related activities


  • Passion for informal education, with academic or professional experience preferred
  • Ability to commit to a set schedule of shifts for at least 3 months with a minimum of eight hours per month
  • Excellent communication skills and a willingness to engage with park visitors, especially children (knowledge of other languages a plus)
  • Friendly, approachable, and professional demeanor and commitment to providing a positive experience for our park guests
  • Ability to work outside in a variety of weather types, to move equipment including a rolling kiosk and program materials, and to stand for a period of time
  • All volunteers must complete a general orientation as well as specialized and periodic training, and must follow our volunteer policies at all times
  • Must have email and internet access, as this will be the primary means of scheduling and communication


This position reports to the Play Coordinator and works very closely with Keelin Purcell, Volunteer and Education Manager, and the Public Art staff. We will rely primarily on set shift schedules that provide volunteer coverage during busy times of the week and allow us to consistently advertise the times when we have play activities available. There will also be some special shifts that will support a range of activities and performances.


Play Ambassadors will primarily be needed from May through early October and assignments may shift throughout this season as weather changes and new opportunities arise. At least two shifts per month are required, with preference for volunteers that can make a weekly commitment. We are also willing to work with volunteers who would like to take on a larger number of shifts and create a professional experience in the public arts field that would be suitable for college credit.


Volunteers will be provided with and asked to wear a t-shirt identifying them as a Play Ambassador. Otherwise we ask that volunteers wear casual but professional clothing appropriate for the outdoors.


  • Further develop public education skills and be involved in pilot play program
  • Be a part of a great team of Play Ambassadors and interact with Greenway staff and partners
  • Gain education knowledge and experience to support career development
  • Participate in the benefits of the Greenway volunteer program, including a summer Volunteer and Member picnic, a t-shirt, and other training and event opportunities depending on accumulated volunteer hours
  • Opportunity to gain college credit, when applicable at your university

Application Process
Positions are limited. Applications are due by May 1st and then will be accepted on a rolling basis if open positions remain; training sessions will begin in May. To apply, please fill out the Play Ambassador application and submit it along with your resume to Keelin Purcell at


Play Ambassador Volunteer: Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy! Our volunteers support all

aspects of our mission and operations and we are excited to offer an ambassador position to support our expanding

work in public art.

There are a limited number of positions for this opportunity and qualified applicants will be asked to interview.

Please complete this form and send it with your resume to:

Keelin Purcell, Volunteer and Education Manager

Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

185 Kneeland St., 2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02111

Contact Information

First and Last Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address (street, city, state, zip):______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________ Cell Phone Number (if different): ______________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Would you like to be added to our Volunteer and General E-Newsletters? Yes No

Do you plan to seek course credit for this Volunteer Opportunity and at which institution?

Yes (School:___________________________________________) No


Please place an X in the day/time slots you are usually available to volunteer. While our shifts are not yet finalized, we will

be looking for volunteer coverage primarily during weekends and mid-day on weekdays.


Morning: 9:00am-1:00pm

Afternoon: 1:00pm-5:00pm

Evening: 5:00pm – 9:00pm



Please provide the contact for one reference that can speak to your arts background and/or ability to engage with the

public. This can be a past or current employer, teacher, or someone else who has worked with you.

First and Last Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Primary Phone Number: _________________________ Secondary Phone Number: _____________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Relationship: ____________________________________________________________________________

Physical/Medical Concerns

Please list any medical conditions that you would like us to be aware of or that would impact your ability to complete any of

the responsibilities for this position.


You may include written answers to these questions on a separate sheet if more space is needed.

Why do you want to volunteer with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy? (up to 300 words)

Have you volunteered with the Conservancy in the past? If so, please list your past experiences.

What are your interests in play-based education?

Please list any relevant experiences that would qualify you for this position (i.e. educational courses, docent

experience, working with children, etc.):