Director of Finance and Administration


The Director of Finance and Administration manages the financial affairs of the Bostonian Society, and ensures the smooth administrative functioning of the organization. The incumbent serves as the Society’s Finance Director as defined under its by-laws, oversees the institution’s information technology infrastructure, manages the organization’s human resources, and supervises a Finance & Administration Assistant. The position requires a hands-on involvement in details, while also demanding an ability to think strategically about the operations and interests of the entire organization.

Finance: Incumbent is responsible for all financial processes and controls. This includes;

  1. Managing the Society’s annual audit, tax reporting, and compliance with relevant government regulations;
  2. Serving as staff liaison with the Board’s Finance Committee and Investments Committee;
  3. Preparing monthly financial results, and presenting them to the Executive Director, Treasurer, Board, staff, and others, as relevant;
  4. Working with the Executive Director to prepare the annual budget, and providing oversight of it throughout the year;
  5. Ensuring that routine accounting processes, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll, are performed accurately and in a timely fashion;
  6. Ensuring that appropriate controls are maintained for the Society’s Commercial Operations division;
  7. Managing relations with the Society’s bank(s), and
  8. Purchasing of insurance for the Society’s staff, directors and officers, facilities, and collections.

Human Resources: Incumbent serves as human resources director. This includes:

  1. With Executive Director, overseeing salaries of staff members;
  2. Overseeing hiring procedures for full-time employees;

Ensuring that HR policies and procedures are in compliance with relevant state and federal laws;

  1. Managing the employee benefits program;
  2. Serving as staff liaison to the Board’s Governance Committee and its Personnel subcommittee.


Incumbent is responsible for oversight of the Society’s information technology systems, and for managing the Society’s relationship with its IT consultant.


Functioning as Finance Director, as defined under the Society’s by-laws, incumbent is customarily invited to attend meetings of the Board and its Executive Committee as a non-voting observer, and may be asked by the Executive Director to assist Board officers – including the Treasurer, by providing financial information and preparing and delivering reports; and the Clerk, by taking notes at meetings and drafting minutes.


The incumbent must have strong management, financial, and technological skills. This is a hands-on position, and the incumbent will be expected to perform routine accounting duties. The position ordinarily requires an MBA, with studies in accounting and financial management, or equivalent training, as well as at least five years of relevant work experience.

Physical Requirements:

The work of this position takes place in a normal office environment and an historic site. Some staff offices are located on the third floor of an historic building that is not handicap accessible. Incumbent should be able to carry equipment and supplies up and down stairs.

How To Apply:
Send a cover letter and resume to  Please include salary requirements.

Apply by:
April 25, 2016