Master Carpenter/Thatcher


The Master Carpenter/Thatcher is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the reproduction structures and landscape in Plimoth Plantation’s 17th-Century English Village and Wampanoag Homesite. The individual uses historically appropriate techniques while interpreting to our guests as a first person role-player, or may work in modern clothing with modern tools, depending on the assignment. Acts as project foreman onsite. Effectively mentors Level 1 and 2 Museum Programs staff as they develop their skills as interpreters and tradesmen. Assist the Historical Built Landscapes Manager with routine building inspections, maintaining a prioritized workplan, project development, performance evaluations, and hiring.


  • Oversee the maintainance and construction of the houses, outbuildings, fences, and other structures in Plimoth Plantation’s 17th-Century English Village. Work is performed using period-appropriate tools and techniques, both in costume and in modern attire, depending on the assignment.
  • Assist in the maintenance and construction of structures on the Wampanoag Homesite, working closely with our Native staff, in modern clothing.
  • Assist contracted professionals in the construction and/or repair of large reproduction structures, including houses, the palisade, and the fort, as needed. Act as foreman/project manager and liaison to contracted professionals onsite.
  • Interpret to museum guests using historically appropriate work methods and first-person role-playing and/or as a modern expert, depending on the assignment.
  • Research various crafts, trades, and architecture to support and refine the historic context and interpretation of the 17th-Century English Village and Wampanoag Homesite, as assigned.
  • Structural maintenance. Work includes assessing condition of various structures in the Village and Homesite, reporting required repairs to the Resource Coordinator, Historical Built Landscapes Manager and/or Guest Experience Managers, and making repairs as necessary.
  • Assist the Manager in moving the organization forward both programmatically and as a healthy, productive workplace and prominent cultural institution with a national and international reputation for excellence. Collaborate with other departments on special projects, exhibits, grant proposals, public relations, and special events.
  • Research, produce, and maintain reproduction objects in both period and modern settings.
  • Assist and mentor Museum Programs staff in developing specialized skills and competencies, in maintaining the highest standards for museum programs and exhibits, and in developing new programs and exhibits for the benefit of our many museum audiences.
  • Pursue professional and program development by conducting appropriate research, consulting with experts and peers, and preparing documentation for internal or external publications.
  • Provide effective leadership and professional expertise in maintaining the high standard of staff training and productivity required to support the exhibition and interpretation of successful programs, techniques, tools, artifacts, materials, and equipment in accordance with Departmental and Institutional Mission. Continue to create, model and sustain a culture of philanthropy, and an exemplary level of Plimoth-style customer service and personal accountability. Provide a friendly and welcoming presence for all guests and coworkers throughout the Museum.
  • Off-site duties include seasonal harvesting of thatch and timber, and the processing of same. Additional off-site work includes gathering and processing firewood.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or comparable trade experience.
  • At least five years’ experience in the restoration of historic or historical buildings.
  • Prior experience in the construction industry and/or working with contractors.
  • Strong interest in 17th-century European trades.
  • Interest in and appreciation for 17th-century English, Native American, and European history.
How To Apply:
Email resume & cover to: Sue Haverstock

Apply by:
June 22, 2016