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Novel Engineering Conference Workshops

Getting Started with Novel Engineering

  • This introductory workshop introduces the basic principles of Novel Engineering and lead participants through a short introductory activity. Video showing students engaged in Novel Engineering in the classroom are included as part of this workshop.

Intro to Engineering and Student Engineering

  • This workshop focuses on engineering as a discipline and supporting students in the classroom. Video of young students engaging in engineering practices and discussing the ideas behind their designs are included.

Supporting Productive Engineering Design

  • This workshop is for people who have previously attended a Novel Engineering workshop. Structures to support students as they engineer and strategies for developing classroom culture that can enhance students’ experiences are discussed. There is time for attendees to share what they have done.

Supporting Librarians and Informal Educators

  • Libraries and informal education spaces are rapidly changing and becoming a place to do more sophisticated engineering work. This workshop focuses on how to creatively engage in Novel Engineering within non-conventional spaces.

Novel Engineering Discussion: How Have You…

  • This workshop will be a space for educators to ask questions about the practicalities of implementing Novel Engineering and share what they have done. The discussion will be facilitated by a classroom teacher who has been doing Novel Engineering for the last four years.

Book Workshops featured an engineering project based on a specific book.  Participants discussed strategies for implementation in an educational setting. Workshops included: 

Three Little Javelinas, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Humphrey the Lost Whale, Egg Drop, Hatchet, Harvesting Hope: The Story of Caesar Chavez