Summer 2018


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Is It Time We All Ate Bugs?

Nutritious and good for the environment, insects offer hope for an increasingly hungry planet.

The Next Big Ideas in Food

Meet the students, faculty, and advisers using business thinking to transform the food system.

Hard Work If You Can Get It

Livelihoods programs promise refugees a path to self-reliance, but do they truly help?

The Art of the Business Pitch

Inside the first Tufts nutrition entrepreneurship competition.

Hold the Phone

How cell phones and fitness trackers can help fight hunger in developing countries.

Tufts Nutrition Top 10

How we're using big data to improve health.

The Long View on Nutrition and Aging

Sarah Booth, new director of Tufts’ nutrition research center, knows that solid science takes commitment and collaboration.

Entrepreneurship in Action

Meet the Tufts alumni behind some of today’s most innovative food businesses.

Treating Food as Medicine

A working group on Capitol Hill will look at hunger as a health care issue.

#MeToo in Aid Agencies

A new report suggests that sexual assault is pervasive within the ranks of humanitarian groups.

Still Life, With Vitamins

A collaborative course brings art, science, and community to the table.

Not Too Cool for Farm to School

Farmers see value in helping their communities.

11 Years Younger

Eating leafy greens keeps your brain spry.

Change Food Prices, Save Lives

Adjusting the price of seven foods could prevent 63,268 deaths every year.

A Step Forward for Older Adults

A Tufts community-based study shows exercise improves mobility, cognition, and quality of life.

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There From the Start

Combined, these three Friedman School professors have given more than a century of service to Tufts and to science.

“Annual Giving Is Like Love”

Meet the Friedman School and HNRCA annual-giving co-chairs for Brighter World: The Campaign for Tufts.

From Small Plates to Big Ideas

At commencement 2018, a renowned chef and humanitarian shared his menu for a better world.

Celebrating 40 Years

A message from the dean of the Friedman School.

Our Future Depends on Young Scientists

A message from the director of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.