Summer 2017


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Fighting Shape

Cutting-edge nutrition science helps the nation's military—and could help weekend warriors, too.

Next-Gen Food Aid

Engineering emergency meals to save lives around the world.

Tufts Nutrition Top 10

How the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts leads the way.

Taking Root

The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project helps feed family, culture and community.

Eating for Healthy Eyes

Why complex carbs are the clear choice for preserving vision.

Soy and Survival

Unpacking the science related to diet and breast cancer.

10 Foods with Life-or-Death Consequences

A study puts a shocking number on the cost of a bad diet.

A Boost for Food Businesses

A new entrepreneurship program will give students the skills they'll need.

When the Old Way is Best

Insights into the wisdom of traditional herding in Uganda.

Cancer-Fighting Colors

A pigment in red peppers, butternut squash and other foods might inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

The Food-Price Effect

How much does price actually move the needle on your eating habits?

Highlighting the Heroes

Unearthing ideas to fix the bad stuff, Food Tank starts with the good.

Sweet Success

Andi Wolfgang, N16, turned her passion for chocolate into a business.

Policy Expert Joins the Friedman School

Jerry Mande will lead the school's new Public Impact Initiative.

The Matchmaker

The school’s first dean supported the union of science and policy.

Make a Connection

A message from the president of the Friedman School Alumni Association.

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Feeding Threat

Infant cereals sold in developing countries are inconsistent in their quality.

What’s a Dietitian to Do?

Challenges lead to hope in Malawi’s first R.D. training program.

Go with the Grain

How fiber-rich carbs could help you lose weight.

Big Goals for Local Food

A visionary report points New England toward a truly sustainable future.

Persistence and Grit

A former FDA leader encouraged the Class of 2017 to take on the hard problems.

A Healthy Dose of Facts

Economists wage a campaign for truth.

Good Food for a Secure Nation

A message from the dean of the Friedman School.

Our Work Is in Jeopardy

A message from the acting director of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.