Winter 2017


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Waste by Design

Why do we throw away so much perfectly good food?

Tufts Nutrition Top 10

We offer some tips on how you can fight food waste.

Good to Grow

Studies find no more health risks from genetically engineered crops than from conventional ones.

Hungry for Answers

We’ve used the same strategy for decades to provide refugees with food aid. Does it work?

Volatile Index

Glycemic measurement of carbs may not be the final word on blood sugar.

Prescription for Good Science

Former HNRCA director Simin Meydani, now Tufts’ vice provost for research, says collaboration seeds big breakthroughs.

Heart Helpers

The power of omega-3s.

Replace Your Fats

There are benefits to trading bad fats and carbs for good fats.

Growing New Farmers and Ranchers

New Entry program takes the lead in creating a nationwide network of apprenticeship programs.

Recipe for Success

Champion of good food practices inspires budding nutrition entrepreneurs with new scholarship.

Diet Change Would Feed More

Eating vegetarian, with a bit of dairy, makes the best use of American farmland.

Hole in the Data

Minorities are underrepresented in genetics research, and that perpetuates health disparities, study finds.

A Night to Savor

Benefit dinner supports nutrition research at Tufts.

6 Years and Counting…

Ronit Ridberg, N11, says her annual fund gifts are markers of a journey.

A New Face in Alumni Relations

Janine Seidel joins Friedman team.

We Need Your Involvement

A message from the president of the Friedman School Alumni Association.

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That Dirty Water 

An inconvenient truth about old sewer systems.

Biscuits That Could Change Lives

A nutritional supplement developed at Tufts is helping people in one West African village feed their children and earn a living.

Get ’Em While They’re Cubs

Scout troops strive for healthier habits.

A Plan for Action

A message from the dean of the Friedman School.

Staying True to the Science

A message from the acting director of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.